Our Story

      ALOI was created in memory of my mother, Jean Aloi. 

It's not easy to hold on to all the best memories of someone, especially if they were taken from the world too soon. Through olfaction, or our sense of smell, certain scents may help to keep a beautiful memory with you. It is because of this that I've always had a profound appreciation for candles. They've always helped me conjure up the good memories, even during the most challenging times. I'm always able to remember my mom from the scents that bring me back to my childhood.

The scents of the food she liked to cook. The scent of her potpourri that was always laying out on the coffee table. The scent of her lipstick. The scent of cinnamon sticks she always put out for fall. The scent of her favorite leather jacket.

 We spent months researching and experimenting with different fragrances and materials until we found the perfect combination that would make our candles stand out. 
We use thoughtfully curated scents that help conjure memories of special moments, people and places in your life.
We're also happy to share our collection of vintage finds and antiques, that we've come across in our adventures through life. Add a touch of history and charm to your home and earn a smile from your friends and family.
        ALOI was founded to help us all feel connected again to the memory of a lost loved one or a special moment we cherish.

We hope to prove that even in the worst of times, there's something beautiful to experience.

-ALOI shines bright for you, Jean Aloi